Everyone connected with Leighton Town Youth Football Club is fully committed to The FA Respect Programme. Players and parents, along with members of the Club's workforce must all buy-in to the aims of Respect and agree to abide by Codes of Conduct which set the standard for behaviour throughout the Club.

The Respect programme aims to allow referees to officiate and young people to participate in matches without being subjected to abuse by coaches, parents, spectators or players. It is an issue for the whole of football and it may take many years to change the culture, however everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions to ensure a positive environment in which football is enjoyed by all.


Coaches have a hugely important role to play in Respect, as they are not only responsible for their own behaviour, but they can also influence that of their players and spectators too. On a match day coaches are expected to work with players, parents and other spectators to allow the referee to manage the game without being subjected to abuse. Where they witness abuse coming from their own players and supporters, they are expected to take a pro-active role in dealing with that abuse.


Parents have a big responsibility as part of the Respect programme. Respect is working to eradicate touchline abuse in football, and parents can play their part by agreeing to, and implementing, the Club's Code of Conduct throughout the season. Parents have a responsibility for their children's behaviour and parents can encourage their children to adhere to the players' code.


Players are asked required to adopt the Code of Conduct in which they promise to abide by a set of rules governing their behaviour as a player. Working together with the coach, captain and match day referee, players have a major role to play to ensure a positive environment on the pitch and off it. Players are asked to shake hands with the opposition and match officials pre- and post-match in a spirit of fair play.