Club Presentations & Signing-On

The Leighton Town Youth Presentations for 2018-2019 will take place on Saturday 8th June at Leighton Town Football Club from 2.00 pm.  Throughout the day, teams will be presented with their awards and recognised for their achievements during the season. Family and friends of our members are invited to join us to celebrate their season. You are requested to arrive at least 10 minutes before your allotted slot so that you can be seated and ready to start on time.

The day will also serve as our Signing-On event so those renewing memberships for the 2019-2020 are expected to present their membership forms and payment to the Sharon Elliott, the Club Treasurer. Please consult your manager if you have any questions.

The bar will be open with alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments available.


Age Group Manager Time
Under 12 Matt Robinson 2.00 pm
Under 8 John David 2.30 pm
Under 9 Gareth Griffiths 2.50 pm
Under 10 Nick Shearman 3.10 pm
Under 11 Jo Martindale 3.30 pm
Under 12 Craig Andrew 4.00 pm
Under 12 Paul Scott 4.30 pm
Under 7 Dan Turney 5.00 pm
Under 13 Graham Dunn 5.30 pm
Under 14 Gary Sayell 6.00 pm
Under 15 Phil Newton 6.30 pm
Under 16 David James 7.00 pm

Membership 2019-2020

The Benefits of Membership

The Player’s Fee is an all-in annual membership of Leighton Town Youth Football Club that is paid at the start of the season. As part of this cost we will cover all football related expenses such as affiliations to the Bedfordshire FA and leagues, insurances, match fees including referee expenses, training costs and equipment. You will also be provided with a kit to play in.

How Much Does it Cost?

The fee consists of a family membership charge and graduated match subscriptions that reflected the additional match costs incurred as teams get older.

Where two or more siblings play for the club, the second and subsequent siblings will only have to pay the match subscriptions part of the membership fee as the family membership charge is only applicable to the eldest sibling.

If a player has a parent who is also a fully qualified member of the coaching staff or sits on the committee, the family membership charge is waived altogether.

Player’s joining after the start of the season will be given a 10% reduction of the match subscriptions for every full month not played (September to May). Player’s leaving during the season will be refunded 10% of their match subscriptions for every full month left (September to May). The family membership charge is non-refundable.

Payment is made in full when you join or when you renew your membership at the start of the season.

Family Membership: £50
Total Cost per Season
Match Subscriptions: Under 7 to Under 8 £50 £100
Under 9 to Under 10 £75 £125
Under 11 to Under 13 £100 £150
Under 14 to Under 16 £125 £175
Development Academy (1st year) £300 £350
Development Academy (2nd year) £150 £200
Discounts: Sibling £50 Family Membership of younger siblings
Staff £50 Family Membership of primary member