Signing a New Player

If you are approached by a new player, it is recommended that you invite them along to a few training sessions to se how they get on not only in terms of ability but more importantly with you and your squad members. It is also important that you get to know the player's parent/guardians because before making any decision to sign the player.

When signing a new player it is very important that you ask their parents or guardians to complete a Membership form before they play for you. You should download a blank form and email it to the appropriate parent/guardian and ask them to fill it out online. If they are unable to do this either they or you can print off a paper copy and complete this.

Completed membership forms should be returned to along with a jpeg photo of the player (passport like headshot please) and a jpeg photo of either a passport or birth certificate.

What happens next?

The Club Secretary will inform you of the membership fee that will need to be paid. You will need collect and deliver this to the Club Treasurer who will notify the Club Secretary that the fee has been paid.

Only then will the Club Secretary register your new player with the appropriate league. Once the league has approved your player's registration your player will be available for selection.